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Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting made easy.

The resources you need to build the way you want. It's the perfect solution to get online fast.

Domain Services

Register your desired domain name that fit your business or idea  here. There service of checking if the desired domain isn't already taken by someone else out there.  Also if you have been hosted by another company it is here you can transfer your domain files to us to enjoy our top hosting experience.

Visa/Master CARDS

Purchase Our Cards to easy your online transfers and day to day transactions, both Virtual and Physical accepted Worldwide. Use then to buy online, and deposit and withdraw Money From Any inter-swift, visa or master card ATM.

Cloud Web Hosting Plans

Cloud Hosting Plans

Whether you're a startup, established business, blogger, or manage multiple websites, we offer the fastest cloud hosting plans to grow with your site. Pick a plan below, and start building towards success.


With VPS hosting, you get dedicated server space with a reserved amount of resources, offering greater control and customization than shared hosting.

Get all vps hosting packages here


Reseller Hosting

Make $$$ as a Reseller

Sell our hosting, earn some cash. Create your own hosting business and run it any which way you like. 

Get all reseller webhosting packages here


Here the customer has complete control over the machine, so they can optimize it for their unique requirements, including performance and security.

Do you need a stand-alone server?  Order our dedicated servers from here

WordPress Hosting Plans


Get more from your WordPress.

Selling and hosting is simple with Online Store from Bluehost. Get top-tier updates and plugins, and enjoy 75%* faster performance today.


Build your online store
with confidence.

Set your site up for success with the perfect mix of eCommerce tools, plugins, security and expert guidance.

SEO Packages

Search Engine Optimization Packages

Boost your search engine rankings and dominate your industry with our results-oriented SEO package.

Website Design/Management

Effortlessly Boost Your Brand With PRO Website Design. Your Own Websites With The Right Tools And Expert Support Behind You Is Beautiful.

Social Media Management

Social media managers are responsible for developing the strategies that maintain and grow a social presence, on top of administrative and team development tasks. Any given day might involve content creation, campaign strategies, career planning, analytics reporting—the list goes on.

App Development

Affordable Mobile App Development Packages: Customized for Your Business Needs.

We have a Complete Range of custom mobile app development packages that serve a variety of our clients. Our clients rave about these packages. See which one is the perfect match for your business

Ecommerce Websites Plans, Pricing & Packages

Get Secured, Customized & Highly Interactive E-commerce Solutions

An E-commerce solutions website enables you to sell anything online immediately. You can sell products and attract millions of online customers to buy products. We are offering affordable e-commerce packages that cover everything you require to get started! Choose the package that best meets your needs

UI UX Graphic Design Plans, Pricing & Packages

Your Idea We Deliver

Graphic design is a creative process to convey a specific
message to a targeted audience.

Affordable UI/UX and Graphic Design Packages

Suave Solutions' designers create graphics that not only look stunning, but also serve a purpose in communicating with your clients. Our packages are affordable and incorporate modern trends and technology. Choose the package that suits your business needs.

Game Development Plans, Pricing & Packages

SMIO Solutions provides a one-stop-shop for all of your
Mobile Game Development needs.

Get Affordable and Reliable Packages for iOS and Android Game Development

We have a complete range of mobile game development packages that are served to a variety of clients we received. Below are some of the packages that our clients loved! Select the package that aligns with your goals

Software Outsourcing Team

Let's Work Together

We ensure quality work, dependable support and off course
very attractive pricing for all kind of IT services.

Dedicated Team Packages

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